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Dr. Stelios Orphanides


Dr. Stelios Orphanides graduated from the Medical University of Malta in 2006. He then returned to Cyprus, where he received a license to practice.

He moved to Sweden where he completed his specialty in Geriatrics at the Södra Älvsborg Hospital. During his training he worked regularly at the Osteoporosis Clinic and was successful in the ISCD (International Society of Clinical Densitometry) exams thus obtaining the title of CCD (Certified Clinical Densitometrist) which allows him to investigate and accurately interpret radiology findings and then recommend the appropriate treatment for Osteoporosis. Dr. Orphanides also holds an MSc in Dementia from the University Hospital Karolinska in Sweden and has been awarded the title of ‘Silvialäkare’ (Doctor of Queen Sylvia of Sweden) which is the highest title awarded for work done in the field of dementia in Sweden.


Dr. Stelios Orphanides (MD, MSc, CCD) is a Senior Consultant in Geriatrics in Sweden and specializes in the field of geriatrics and specifically in Dementia and Osteoporosis. He is the head of the Memory Clinic in the Älvsborg district of Southern Sweden.


After completing his specialty, he was promoted to Senior Consultant in Geriatrics and was appointed Head of the Memory Clinic where he performed specialized research of dementia disorders for the area of Södra Älvsborg in Southern Sweden. He also worked as a Geriatric Caregiver in geriatric medical centers and was also responsible for providing specialized home medical care for elderly patients. Dr. Stelios Orphanides can offer specialized research for dementia and osteoporosis, as well as advice for elderly patients.

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