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Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialist, Internal Medicine

Stelios Karayiannides MD, Ph.D

ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) , Otorhinolaryngology

Stelios Karayiannides was born in 1979 in Nicosia. He graduated from the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2006 and pursued his specialization in Sweden. He obtained the title of Specialist in Internal Medicine in 2012 and Specialist in Endocrinology and Diabetes, in 2014.

He worked as a specialist Endocrinologist-Diabetologist at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm and the Endocrinology Clinic at Karolinska Hospital in Solna (Stockholm). Since 2018, he has been working at the Academic Specialist Center for Diabetes in Stockholm, a model reference center for the care of all types of Diabetes.

This center is a development of the Diabetes Department of the Endocrinology Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna (Stockholm).

Concurrently, he conducted and completed his Ph.D. thesis in 2022, exploring the impact of diabetes and glucose metabolism disorders on patients with cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and atrial fibrillation. The Swedish Diabetes Society awarded his thesis the Best Thesis of the Year 2022 for Diabetes in Sweden. He has presented several papers at various European conferences such as the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) conferences. Additionally, the findings from his research activity have been published in reputable international medical journals. He was also invited as a speaker at conferences of the Swedish Society of Endocrinology and the Swedish Society of Diabetes. He is one of the lecturers for the courses of Endocrinology-Diabetetology for medical students at Karolinska University.

He is a member of the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE), the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the Swedish Society of Endocrinology, and the Swedish Society of Diabetology.

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